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Probably a Fighter/Barbarian/Ranger (Molly)
Probably a Rogue/Bard (Stephanie)
Half Elf Cleric of Lethander (Belinda)
Probably a Sorcerer (Greg)

Locations of Interest

The Sword Coast (Map)
Greenest – the only sizable town along the Uldoon Trail in the Greenfields area of the Western Heartlands


The Harpers
The Order of The Gauntlet
The Emerald Enclave
The Lord’s Alliance
The Zhentarum

House Rules

  • Feats – Feats can be acquired in place of attribute increases.
  • Character Creation
    • Abillity Scores – Purchased using 27 points from the Ability Score Point Cost table (p.13)
    • Alignment – No Evil alignments
    • Disallowed Races – Drow, Half Orcs, Chromatic Dragonborn
    • Variant Human Traits – Human characters are allowed to use the variant trait described on p. 31 of the PHB
  • Character Advancement
    • Milestones – Characters will level up at specific campaign milestones. Experience points are not tracked.
    • Set Hit Points – Hit points are not rolled on advancement. Everyone gets the average of their hit die, rounded up.

Session Summaries

Session 1 – Scheduled for 9/6/2014

Main Page

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